Haile Plantation Community

The award winning Haile Village Center is designed according to the time honored principles of Traditional Town Planning to create a safe, comfortable and fun place to live, work and play. Now you can take children to preschool, pickup your dry cleaning, stop by the Market for a cup of coffee or the Third Place for dinner, browse interesting shops, mail a letter, conduct your banking, schedule a dental appointment, drop the pets off at the veterinarian or just stroll the brick sidewalks of the Village Center to the corner store…all within walking or biking distance of your home.

The Haile Village Center Meeting Hall is the heart of Haile Plantation. The western veranda opens onto a brick-paved plaza shaded by live oak tress. The northern veranda overlooks the spacious, grassy Village Green where walkways lead to a bubbling fountain surrounded by park benches, trees and flowerbeds. The Meeting Hall's southern grand portico faces Haile Village Center's "Main Street" with its fine shops and restaurants.